Hello there! 

If we have already spoken, then you're ready to leave a deposit for your tattoo!!

The "Buy Now" button will take you to PayPal where you will follow the promps to send me the deposit we had discussed in our conversations. Once I receive the deposit, I will send you confirmation in regards to your appointment. PayPal will also send you a receipt of the transaction.

I personally love PayPal. its safe and easy to use. For any future pieces, feel free to use the quick link in the header or directly from the PayPal app.


Please read carefully below of my deposit Policy!

Deposit Policy

  • The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE

  • 48 hours notice is required to reschedule. Less than 48 hours notice will FORFEIT the deposit. (Please communicate. emergencies happen and i'm pretty understanding, but if you don't communicate I can't help you.

  • Take care of your skin! IF you show up for your appointment and you and/or the area is UNFIT to tattoo, your deposit is FORFEIT. To reschedule, I will require a NEW DEPOSIT. (Sun burn is a big one, especially during summer or if clients have their tattoo appointment right when they get back from vacation. Do not come in drunk or high. I can not tattoo anyone under the influence. Other things to be mindful of; being sick. If you don't feel well, let me know ASAP. These things happen, I have no problem rescheduling, but you need to communicate! If you show up sick, I'll be upset. I don't want myself, my staff, or anyone else to catch anyone's cold, rashes, stomach bugs, etc! Medical conditions. the last thing I want to do is put anyone in harm's way. If you're unsure if your body would fair well with the tattoo process, consult your doctor. It's important to ask questions, don't ever be embarrassed or afraid to ask anything. I do my best to help guide clients in my area of expertise. I am not a medical professional.)

  • The deposit goes towards the tattoo procedure ONLY. Leaving a deposit does not entitle anyone to any art work ever.

  • Be respectful and professional. If I feel threatened, unsafe, uncomfortable. I will let you go as a client. (this sound exteme, but I have to bring it up. please don't be a jerk. as long as everyone treats everyone with respect, we're good!)

  • I will follow the guidelines and parameters that we discussed during the consultation. If you change your mind ( for example; we talked about a flowers and now you want to do a dragon... please understand a LOT of time goes into preparing a piece) this is now a whole different piece and will require a NEW DEPOSIT.

  • I DO NOT SEND drawings or drafts. You must stop by in person to see drawings/drafts. (I give a timeline in which I expect to work on projects/ commissions. Clients are more then welcome to meet with me to see progress before the scheduled appointment. This is a good thing to do especially for large pieces. We can work out any kinks before the appointment. Small stuff, most clients wait until the appointment. Last minutes tweaks are easy to do the day-of.)