Circus Elephant
cant wait for a better picture. Still healing and peeling
but its one of my favorites
Whimsical Fox
Watercolor Pony
Sternum Ornamental Lotus
Bleeding Roses
Day of the Dead Skeleton Key
Geometric Anatomical Heart
Egyptian Dagger
Poem and Sunflowers
Pin up
Polish Mandala
1st place Ornamental
United Ink Flight 9.15
Sept. 2015
Moon Geometry
Olive Branch
Sparrow and Peonies
Human Transmutation
Geometric Fox
Chakra Mandala
Forearm Pieces
Abstraction of moon phases on left
Abstraction of The Hermit tarot figure on right
Memorial Eagle Piece
Progress Shot
Lotus Sternum Piece
Abstract wolf & Forest
Done at Devil's Hollow Tattoo Show in Fort Wayne, IN May 2017
Flower Re-work
Geometric Phoenix
Pink Lotus
Vintage Roses
Polish Mandala
Geometric Fox
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