I  wanted to be a tattoo artist since 8th grade. In school I was always drawing up tattoos for friends and classmates. There's just something about the thought of someone wanting something I drew forever on their body. After graduating I sort of put it out of my head, but the dream always stayed with me, needling at the back of my mind. I wound up going the college route first. Fresh out of high school I was young, shy, and naive. A true artist at heart, I had zero confidence in myself and my potential. The tattoo industry on Long Island is so highly guarded and I didn't know anyone. After college I found my voice, took the plunge and went for it. I haven't turned back since.

I love mythology and symbols. Other cultures, ancient and modern. I particularly love the Hindu art. All the bright colors and tiny intricate details. Pushing the limits of what is possible. I've always loved how some artists can take to concepts on completely opposite ends of the spectrum and make it work.

I absolutely love working on heavily detailed pieces. Mandalas, mehndi inspired, lace work, geometric, ornamental designs.




Having the opportunity to travel cross-country & overseas for guest spots and conventions.


Suffolk County Community College

Associates of Art and Applied Science

Graphic Design & Marketing


I won my first trophy at United Ink Flight 9.15 show. I took 1st place in Onamental/Trash Polka.

I'd love to win more!


I love every opportunity to work with other artists!


Farmingdale University

Bachelors of Fine Art  


Body Artist License

Apprenticed at Lucky Cat Tattoos Ink.

49 Route 25 A, Mount Sinai, NY, 11766


Gilded Fox Gallery

Opened a private tattoo studio


I"m working hard to officially represent the products and companies I believe in and love!